Education Reform Now

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After Hurricane Katrina, most New Orleans public schools were placed under the State’s Recovery School District and became public charter schools. The results were impressive- graduation rates up, dropout rates down and more graduates going to college than ever before. These improved results were a result of more parental choice, autonomy for individual school leaders and teachers, and strong accountability standards. As schools began preparing to return to local oversight from the Orleans Parish School Board, the goal was to educate community leaders and parents on both the topline results and the reasons why New Orleans had seen such dramatic improvement in student achievement. 

In 2016, Berni Consulting, on behalf of Democrats for Education Reform Louisiana and its nonprofit affiliate, Education Reform Now, designed and implemented a public relations campaign called “Raising Grades, Lifting Futures” to encourage neighbors, parents, and local education leaders to support public charter schools and preserve school choice for parents and students. Berni Consulting led the overall project management, including quantitative and qualitative research, message design, branding, and influencer engagement. The campaign has gone through multiple phases, with a third phase launching in the fall of 2018.

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