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Clear Political Mandate

Incumbent Mayor Mitch Landrieu was coming off a grueling but successful first term as mayor, when late into qualifying strong opposition emerged from the popular chief judge of Civil District Court Michael Bagneris and longtime NAACP President Danatus King. The race could have easily turned racial. But Landrieu was able to press his advantages and overcome a loss of support from many established political and special interests that he had disrupted during his first four years in office. Under the helm of campaign manager Ryan Berni, Landrieu was re-elected in 2014 with 64 percent of the vote in the primary and became the first Mayor to win both elections without a runoff and to be elected by majorities of both white and African American voters. The Times Picayune noted “Bagneris could not overcome Landrieu’s dominant ground game, overwhelming finances and stronger command on the hustings,” deeming the result a “clear political mandate” for his second term.

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